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Consultant Landingpage

The consultant landingpage is shown everytime a user enters the eShop without a consultant ID in his session.

The landingpage is shown on product and checkout pages, exceptions are defined for following pages:

  • Internal area (
  • Spare parts (
  • Password reset (
  • Registration (


When the landingpage is shown, the user has two different options to proceed to the eShop:

  1. Yes, i have a consultant
  2. No, I don’t have a consultant yet


1. Yes, i have a consultant

a) I know the consultant ID

The user has a consultant ID from a previous purchase or it was communicated through the customer service team after registering.


b) I can’t remember the consultant ID

If the user knows his consultant, but can not remember the ID, he can click this link. All orders will be allocated to the Fallback consultant can be followed up later.

2. No, I don’t have a consultant yet

The user doesn’t know his consultant ID or doesn’t have one yet. All orders will be allocated to the Consultant Default user (current ID: 110026).

The Consultant Default user must be one defined user by Vorwerk and is set hardcoded in the system.

What consultant are you shopping with?


You can see in the header section which consultant are you shopping with (name and ID).

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