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Customer Service Orders

Make a repair order

To shop repair order products, it is necessary to use the function “Shop as customer”.

Check the email address of the customer to be sure you are shopping with the correct user.

1. Shop as customer

Login with you eShop account, which has the capability to show the administration bar in the frontend.

Hover via your name at the top right of the webpage. You will see a purple box which says “Shop as customer”.

Type in the customers email address, name or ID to find the customer you want to order on behalf of.

Choose the customer to shop with.

Check the email address of the customer to be sure you are shopping with the correct user.

 2. Shop Spare Part products


Open this deeplink to get to the spare part section of the eShop:

The Spare Parts are not linked in the eShop and can only be entered with this password: SpareParts2016

Go to this product page and choose the service fee, as well as the service fee for the order.

Also accessories can be part of the repair order. You will find them in the regular eShop categories.

3. Shopping Cart

On the shopping cart it is depending on three different scenarios:


Option Description Service fee Spare parts costs Coupon code * Example
Repair 1 no repair:
Customer sent in Thermomix and upon presenting the options, declines the repair or
Received Thermomix was not defective
$59 0 Free shipping: free-shipping
Repair 2 Sales price of exchanged spare parts is below service fee. $59 < $59 Free shipping: free-shipping

Add a coupon for every product you are ordering:



Broken carry handle:
Spare part sales price: Carry handle = $34
Customer pays: $59 + ($34 +tax) – (coupon = $34+tax) = $59
Repair 3 Sales price of exchanged spare parts is above service fee $59 > $59 Free Service Fee: free-servicefee Control unit defective:
Spare part sales price: Control Unit = $275
Customer pays: $59 + ($275+tax) – (coupon = $59)
= $275 + tax

Check the total value of the order and choose a scenario.

Add the coupon codes in the input field and click “Apply code”. The coupon value will be subtracted from the total order, you can see this in the order totals.

For the shipping please always use the coupon “free-shipping” for every order. In case the customer wants to choose next or 2nd day air, please choose the correspondingly service fee including the shipping method.

Proceed to the checkout.

Add coupon

Add the coupon

4. Checkout

The billing and shipping details of the customer are already prefilled and shouldn’t be changed.

Add coupon

Add the coupon

customer account

where can customer see the warranty?

customer can see the warranty of his bought products in his account data under > orders
he can see if the products have a warranty and how long it is available

customer service team

backend system

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