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  • Thermomix® Welcome Kit – Available in California and New York only


    Get started on your path to success as an Independent Thermomix® Consultant with the Thermomix® Welcome Kit. Inside you’ll find all of the tools that you need to establish your business, reach new customers, plan and conduct successful cooking experiences, and feed your passion!

    This Welcome Kit includes:
    • Start Here Action Sheet
    • Newcomer Program Earnings Flyer
    • Product Flyers (set of 10)
    • Cooking Experience Invites (set of 5)
    • Flip Chart
    • Feedback Forms (set of 5)
    • Cooking Experience Promo Flyers (set of 5)
    • Personal development CD – Making the Shift by Darren Hardy
    • Thermomix® Shopping Bag

    PLEASE NOTE: For the time being, only California and New York residents are able to become Independent Thermomix® Consultants. If you live outside California or New York please enter your contact details by clicking here and we will contact you as soon as we start recruiting in your area.

    Use coupon code “newcomer” for free shipment!

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