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  • Smart Grilling Culinary Collection


    Add to your smart tool arsenal with the Smart Grilling booklet and MEATER®+ wireless smart meat thermometer.

    Smart Grilling Recipe Booklet

    Featuring 10 foolproof recipes, time-tested grilling tricks, and wine pairing tips from Jackson Family Wines, Smart Grilling will help take your BBQ to the next level. When two smart tools partner, summer entertaining becomes effortless.


    MEATER®+ is the first truly wireless smart meat thermometer that includes a built-in Bluetooth repeater designed to extend wireless range to up to 165 ft.

  • In the Mix 2 (Australia)


    Award-winning food writer Dani Valent’s second Thermomix cookbook showcases restaurant-quality dishes from 74 contributors in 20 countries, including recipes from leading Australian chefs in every state such as Tetsuya Wakuda, Ben Shewry and Mark Best.

    Dani shows that we can all cook like great chefs if we have a Thermomix in the kitchen and her book connects us all to some of the best chefs around the world. Top dishes include the family-friendly Beef Rotolo, a spectacular Carrot Layer Cake and a party-starting Vodka Prosecco Sorbet.

    This book is written in English and uses metric units.

  • In the Mix (Australia)


    In the Mix: Great Thermomix Recipes is the highly acclaimed cookbook by food journalist and Thermomix enthusiast Dani Valent.

    Award-winning food writer Dani Valent convinced great chefs to share amazing Thermomix recipes. They’re presented in Dani’s engaging style in this beautiful hard-cover cookbook.

    Honoured at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, this inspiring book is full of gorgeous photography and exciting, achievable ‘foodie’ recipes. Dani’s key message is that we can all cook like great chefs if we have a Thermomix in our kitchen. Think dishes like White chocolate crisps with cumin; Cucumber, mint and lime sorbet and Pumpkin soup with sensational Virtual Bacon Dust. This book makes a wonderful gift.

    This Cookbook is written in English and uses metric units.

  • A Quirky Cooking (Australia)


    Winner of the Gourmand Awards Best Corporate Cookbook – Australia.

    Thermomix presents Quirky Cooking, an allergy-friendly cookbook in partnership with top Australian food blogger, Jo Whitton.

    Jo’s first cookbook contains over 130 healthy, mouth-watering recipes catered to a broad scope of specialist diets including those allergic to gluten, dairy and nuts.

    Quirky Cooking is the ultimate cookbook for sensitive eaters, and features an in-depth basics chapter packed with recipes for gluten-free flour, rice almond milk, cashew cream, coconut yoghurt and nut butter, among others.

    A reflection of Jo Whitton’s individual yet healthy way of cooking, Quirky Cooking encapsulates the recipes shared on her personal blog over the past seven years.

    Note: This cookbook uses metric units and is written in English. It contains over 130 recipes

  • Mix and Match Collection


    Mix, Match and Save by choosing your favorite Thermomix® cookbook and getting a Thermomix® recipe chip for free!

    Cookbooks and recipe chips are available in 9 different languages.

  • Full Steam Ahead (UK)


    Steaming is healthy and guarantees pure flavor- for potatoes, vegetables, fish, meat and more. This cookbook presents a range of delicious, international Thermomix® recipes for every day, from starters to main courses and desserts.


    This cookbook is written in English and contains 74 recipes

  • I Love Chocolate, I Love Thermomix II (USA)


    I Love Chocolate, I Love Thermomix® II is filled with 80 mouthwatering and delicious chocolate recipes from award-winning Master Chocolatiers including Beverly Dunkley, Dirk Schonkeren, Iain Burnett, John Huber, John Slattery, Mark Tilling, Ruth Hinks, and Thierry Dumouchel. Learn the art of chocolate, how to temper chocolate and how to make ganache in your Thermomix®, along with other baked and confectionery chocolate creations.

  • The Basic Cookbook TM5 (USA)


    The Basic Cookbook is your perfect introduction to the culinary possibilities of cooking with Thermomix. It offers a wide range of recipes specifically designed for you to succeed with your TM5. Learn how to prepare meals and desserts, bake fresh breads and cakes from scratch, make soups, salads, dips and more. Filled with tips and tricks for getting started, plus gorgeously inspiring color photos.
    If you want to cook one of your favorite dishes in the Thermomix, this book certainly has a recipe close enough to help you adapt your recipe to Thermomix.

    Note: The Basic Cookbook is written in English and features imperial units. It contains 170 recipes.

  • Everyday Cookbook (USA)


    Filled with sixty-eight mouthwatering recipes that represent the great American melting pot of flavors. You’ll learn how use your Thermomix to make traditional regional dishes, like biscuits and gravy, jambalaya and fish tacos, as well as new American favorites, like cauliflower fried “rice,” gluten-free pizza crust, quinoa salad and salted caramel ice cream.

    Note: This cookbook uses imperial units and is written in English.

  • Vegetarian Kitchen (Australia)


    Say goodbye to bland and boring vegetarian food. Vegetarian Kitchen boasts flavorful and wholesome lacto-ovo vegetarian recipes for the whole family, and promise to be a hit with any meat eater! Recipes also include tips and variations for anyone following a vegan or raw food diet. Besides recipes for making your own Haloumi and Quark cheeses, our favorite recipes include: Autumn vegetable gratin, three bean shepherd’s pie and coffee and cocoa toasted cereal.


    Note: This Cookbook uses metric units and is written in English. It contains 122 recipes.

  • Cooking for your baby and toddler (Australia)


    Louise Fulton Keats has developed Thermomix ® Cooking for your baby and toddler. Filled with over 100 quick and easy Thermomix ® recipes, this book will help your child develop a taste for new flavours while providing the nutrients so crucially needed in the early years.

    Invaluable meal planners are included for your baby’s first year as well as information on nutritional needs, potential feeding problems, solutions and recommendations.

    Recipes range from baby purees to toddler food and family meals everyone can enjoy. Recipes include First Chicken Puree, Chicken and Pumpkin Couscous, Chilli Con Carne and Watermelon Strawberry Sorbet.

    This Cookbook is written in English and uses metric Units. It contains >100 recipes.

  • Cooking for me and you (Australia)


    “Cooking for me and you” is filled with 70 recipes for one and two people.

    From basics, breakfasts, smoothies and salads all the way through to lunches, mains and desserts; this cookbook features delicious recipes including Quinoa salad with mango salsa and Frozen strawberry cupcakes with white balsamic reduction.

    This cookbook is written in English and uses metrics units.

  • I Love Chocolate, I Love Thermomix®


    A heavenly selection of chocolate recipes for every occasion from eight chocolate experts, all made easy with Thermomix instructions, and illustrated with mouth-watering photography. Recipes include truffles, cakes, confectionery, drinks, and all kinds of chocolate treats. Whether you are making the Spicy Hot Chocolate or creating a Royale Gateau of sponge layered with chocolate mousse, each of these recipes is made faster and easier with the Thermomix. Alain Roux, Chef Patron of The Waterside Inn, comments: “You will love the chocolate recipes in this book … I know many of the featured chocolatiers and this is a great opportunity to indulge yourself in their easy-to-make creations.”

    Note: This book uses metric units. It contains 76 recipes.

  • Fabulous Flavours (UK)


    Do you use your whole Thermomix®? How often do you reach for the Varoma to prepare a week-night diner? Or a meal for a special event? Find out how using all four levels of your Thermomix® can make your life so much easier… and flavourful.

    Note: This cookbook uses metric units and is written in English. It contains 72 recipes

  • Everyday Cooking for Thermomix Families (Australia)


    Everyday cooking for Thermomix ® families features over 110 of the most popular Thermomix ® dishes. All dishes are designed to feed the whole family and please every taste.  From satisfying mid-week meals to elaborate weekend dinners and special occasions, this cookbook has got you covered. Recipes in this cookbook showcase the special features of the TM5 including the increased bowl capacity and expanded temperature range. Delicious recipes include Chicken enchiladas, Sushi salad, Cloudy apple juice and Brown sugar kumara cake.

    Note: This cookbook uses metric units and is written in English. It contains over 110 recipes.

  • Veggie Table (USA)


    Everyone wants to eat better, and one easy way to start is to make the most of your vegetables. Thermomix combines wholesome grains and plant-based proteins in creative ways to help turn any meal into a naturally flavorful “Veggie Table”

    Note: This cookbook uses imperial units and is written in English. It contains 67 recipes.

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