Cutting Disc


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Replacement part
The Cutting disc is a two-sided high-quality steel cutting disc whose strong and sharp blades cut a wide variety of ingredients. Side 1 is for slicing and side 2 for grating.

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SKU: 37224


Versatile and unique disc – A 4 in 1 tool convenient and easy
The Thermomix® Cutting Disc is a single disc that makes 4 different types of cuts – thin slice, thick slice, thin grate and thick grate. The disc is compact and can be stored neatly and securely in the cutter lid.

This side is engraved with slice shapes (thin and thick) and has a dark central hub.

This side is engraved with strips to represent grating (thin and thick) and has a light central hub.

Use the normal or clockwise rotation to obtain thick slices or thick grating.

Use reverse rotation to get thin slices or thin grating.