Degrenne Salam Teapot (6-cup capacity)


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The Salam teapot was created in 1953 and is Degrenne’ s flagship product. The finesse of the porcelain combined with the shimmer of the teapot’s body enhances the tea drinking experience. The Salam’s body is cleverly lined by a felt sleeve, keeping tea at an optimum temperature for twice as long as a classic teapot (approximately two and a half hour). The pot’s removable filter reveals all the subtlety of tea and prevents the bitter taste that comes from brewing tea for too long. The Salam’s timeless design, blend of porcelain and stainless steel, and its combination of finishes make this teapot truly unique: every 20 minutes, somewhere in the world someone buys a Salam teapot!

  • Made of white porcelain with a removable insulated 18/10 stainless-steel cover.
  • Felt-lined steel cover helps keep tea at ideal serving temperature for over an hour—twice as long as traditional teapots.
  • Removable aluminum strainer inside holds loose tea leaves; brew tea to your desired strength and then lift out the strainer.
  • 6-cup capacity
  • Hand-wash.
  • Made in France.



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