Sweet Tooth Collection


Confectioner quality tools for making homemade sweets with your Thermomix®

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I Love Chocolate, I Love Thermomix® II: A Cookbook filled with 80 mouthwatering and delicious chocolate recipes from award-winning Master Chocolatiers including Beverly Dunkley, Dirk Schonkeren, Iain Burnett, John Huber, John Slattery, Mark Tilling, Ruth Hinks, and Thierry Dumouchel. Learn the art of chocolate, how to temper chocolate and how to make ganache in your Thermomix®, along with other baked and confectionery chocolate creations.

Heart-Shaped Cake Mold: Show your love with this heart-shaped cake mold. Flexible and non-stick, the mold is ideal for baking, freezing, and steaming in your Thermomix®! The recipe for Decadent Steamed Chocolate Cake is included with the mold. 100% food grade silicone, FDA approved and BPA free.

Heart-Shaped Praline Mold: The Thermomix® heart-shaped praline mold brings the love of homemade pralines into your home. Surprise your Sweetheart with delicious gifts made with love in your Thermomix®.

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