Thermomix® Round Serving Bowl


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This contemporary stainless steel dish is ideal for serving both hot and cold foods directly on the table. The unique double-wall construction creates an insulated barrier to keep food hot or cold for longer than a typical serving dish.

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Use this to keep hot dishes warm for hours, such as risotto, mashed potatoes, soups, vegetables or pancakes, dinner rolls or sausages. Cold dishes, such as salads, sorbets, ice creams or oysters over ice stay fresh and crisp while on the table. You can even use the Thermomix Serving Bowl to proof bread dough or incubate yogurt cultures at room temperature.

Dishwasher safe. Not suitable for use in microwave or conventional ovens.

Perfect for serving:
Hot Dishes:
• Risotto
• Mashed potatoes
• Soups
• Vegetables
• Pancakes
• Dinner rolls

Cold Dishes:
• Ice for cocktails
• Salads
• Sorbet
• Ice cream
• Fruit salad